December 19, 2011

#2 - Choosing a Pull To Refresh Tool [EN]

    Another article flew to Habr - Choosing a Pull To Refresh Tool.
    An article has much more possibility to be read by wide IT-audience there. So all article in russian will be fly to Habrahabr. And I think I will publish english-speaking articles here.

December 17, 2011

#1 - Асинхронная загрузка и отображение картинок [RU]

UPD (26.02.2012): Готовится новая статья про Universal Image Loader, где будет самая актуальная информация по особенностям реализации и использования данной библиотеки.
UPD (29.02.2012): Даже две статьи :) Осталось немного...
UPD (11.03.2012): Готово. Получилось 3:

#0 - Syntax Highlighting in Blogger [EN]

    Had little troubles with code highlighting in posts at Blogger. First I found several highlighters and then start to think how implement their's CSS and JS scripts into my blog. Only then I decided to ask Google a question and after some movements I nevertheless did it. It was quite easy.
    I chose this highlighter - SyntaxHighlighter. To implement it in your blog you have to edit HTML of your template and paste next code before </head> :